Anddddd the weather has finally dropped to “jacket-on-and-off-season” to confuse even the best of us. It’s that time of year when Canada Goose jackets and miniskirts come out to play together because we have no idea what to wear anymore. Let’s take a look back when September and the beginning of this month was kinder to us.


Foodie photos from our fearless leader, Gloria Chik, make our stomachs churn with jealousy. It’s almost too pretty to wanna eat, almost. These awesome #getinmabelly worthy pics prove that playing with your food is A-OKAY.


One hashtag that blew Twitter up for a week: #WMCFW. We got insane runway and studio coverage by our gal, KJ! More pictures can be found here. For now we’ll leave you to drool at the fa-shun for a bit.


Looks like Tine spent night and day completely different in NYC. Mornings were with fresh produce at a farmer’s market and blowing kisses to spread some love in the concrete jungle. Afternoons meant an ultra stylish jacket and scarf combo to catch a sunset worthy of dreams.


There’s no better way to celebrate fall than to step on all the crunchy leaves and enjoy sundown’s crisp fresh air. I fully took advantage by attending an acoustic concert held by Kiehls and their star guest, Simple Plan. To say my pre-pubescent angst came rushing back is an understatement. I screamed in all my fan girl fury to the songs that I surprisingly remembered the lyrics too. What an amazing night.


Looks like Madhu also had a blast these past two months doing some good, cooking up a storm with her ombre eggs, riding off into the sunset with her bestie and celebrating the Raptor’s recent win against the Hawks. We the North baby! High fives all around.


Tiffany and Amanda were out and about looking after pretty flowers and kicking some major butt. Head over to Instagram to follow #ubgirlsonthego because we don’t stop moving.

Have an amazing and spooky Halloween,

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