I’ve been on the move lately – that’s no secret. And while I adore the commentary about people saying that my life as a “global citizen” / “International Woman of Mystery” / “globe trotter” / “GLOBIA” (nickname, long story), it comes with its challenges. Like, how do I look somewhat un-sloppy while being in transit constantly? How do I keep my eyes protected and not always look the same in photos? SUNGLASSES. Better yet, shopping a selection of them all in one place.

I’ve actually been a fan of Smart Buy Glasses for a number of years now. They have updated styles that we covet, at fair prices. And their shipping is on point – things come quicker than you expect, instead of going into the postage abyss. All good things.
Best Sunglasses for Travel

The Funky Ones

Going classic is easier than following trends, but when a chunky, funky pair of sunnies cross your eyes, you’d be wrong to deprive yourself of that kind of fun. The Prada Cinema collection is fun, edgy, and offers up lots of designer shades without the “send you reeling” prices. It puts a sparkle in my eye thinking of this silhouette. The perfect sunglasses for travel, if you’re looking to create beautiful, original photos.

Best Sunglasses for Travel

The Classic Aviators

You can run but you can’t hide. The Classic Aviators (Ray Ban or other) are fit for many face shapes and frames. There’s a reason they’re a best seller. Feel like you’re flying by throwing on a pair of these and smiling your way to the beach, the mountains, or wherever life takes you.

Best Sunglasses for Travel Best Sunglasses for Travel Best Sunglasses for Travel

The Folding Sunglasses

Persol offers some beautiful folding sunglasses that are easy on the eyes (pun intended), classic looking, and extremely portable. Available in four colors and limitless convenience…sounds like a win to me.

Best Sunglasses for Travel

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