URBANEBLOC - Nespresso - Coffee CommunitiesI tried to quit coffee, I really did. It was a valiant effort, but my tastebuds sheepishly wandered their way back to the delicious, dark roasted taste. Coffee isn’t bad for you at all, a dark cup can make your workouts outlandishly better, your mind astoundingly more clear, and your morning just that much more peppy.

Recently I acquired an OriginalLine coffee machine from renowned home coffee machine makers, Nespresso. In celebration for their new Coffee Communities lines from Lake Kivu, Rwanda and Chiapas, Mexico, I headed into fully embracing a coffee-in-the-morning routine.

URBANEBLOC - Coffee Communities

Espresso Woes

Espresso has always been extremely intimidating to me. Something about the lack of cream, sugar, and other delicious ingredients that aren’t necessarily for real coffee lovers, brings me comfort.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed a healthy, sharp dose of pure coffee. It makes you understand the intricacies of what goes into finding the best taste and textures of coffee. Flavors are consistently changing, and things like the Nespresso ‘UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu’ and ‘TANIM de Chiapas’ are prime examples. Coffee from Rwanda is considered one of the most sweet and flavorful from East Africa. The Nespresso coffee from Chiapas, Mexico has been grown on volcanic land (!!) and is partially dark and light roast. Technology, right?

URBANEBLOC - Nespresso - Coffee Communities

Home Brewing

I find it easier on cold days to brew a cup of jo from home – leave it to me to find a way to stay in all day and spend it with a beverage. The OriginalLine that I have in my condo is portable, fairly easy to manage (clean, pour in more water), and gets hot faster than I can get up from my snooze alarms. Nice.

URBANEBLOC - Nespresso - Coffee Communities

Forming a Ritual

Someone told me recently that one of their favorite things about waking up was looking forward to making their own cup of coffee. Granted, he’s a much bigger enthusiast than I when it comes to caffeine, but it really stuck with me.

Find the Nespresso OriginalLine and capsules that are right for you.

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