It’s been a minute…well, over six months. It’s odd to see the serif font pop up and come alive on my screen as I write this. In some ways, it’s odd to even write in first person. I hope you’ll stay with me as I outpour a few words that I didn’t even know how to string together half a year ago.

Yes, it’s seemingly strange to share your most vulnerable and candid thoughts out on the internet. But when the truth wants to leap out of your fingertips and into the abyss of the web, you gotta let it. And trust it.

I took the last six months off from blogging, entrepreneur-ing, and learning feverishly. It’s unreal to realize the last four years I spent much of it on an airplane, in transit, or working from obscene places (tethering from a Vietnamese hostel, anyone?) I’m proud of the outcome – the product being the person I’ve grown into.

And just who is that person? I can confidently say that I, Gloria Chik, feel wholehearted in myself, my friends, my work, and my spirit. No matter how many life coaching, therapy sessions, or School of Philosophy classes I’ve gone through, the work really took place in simmering and allowing myself time to grow.

So, what did I do in the last six months, and how might this personal experience help you? Alright, here’s the bullet notes:

It’s okay to stop

I let go of many things from a material perspective, but also activities I spent my time on that weren’t serving me. It’s funny to see what happens when you strictly follow your gut. You set better expectations for the people around you, you create boundaries…it’s so incredibly important to stop, look around, and only move in the direction you want to.

It’s more than okay to fail (or feel like you did).

Letting go of things that don’t work out, or maybe aren’t traditionally measured as successes, is a way of life. Not every last thing you do is going to work out. Sorry. It’s life, it becomes messy, and I hope you have wonderful people around you to weather it with. Which brings me to…

A support system comes in many forms

Whether it’s the brother you never had or the friendly person at your daily coffee shop. It’s wonderful to be able to empathize with people you interact with consistently. A support system is so key for your day to day sanity. I remember after being assaulted the last time in 2018, I felt vulnerable and alone. Luckily a strong few friends made themselves available to me to chat and listen to me cry unattractively over the phone. For that, I’m forever grateful.

You’re as strong as you believe you are

With many challenges, half the battle is mental. Your energy, your thoughts, and your actions are dependent on the thoughts you populate your mind with. Believe that you are strong, capable, and resilient enough to work towards any outcome.

Self awareness and security is absolutely everything.

Open your eyes and be willing to look in the mirror and question yourself. Breathe deep and observe the way you interact with others, and how they interpret your actions and words. It’s an important skillset to be self aware, confident, and secure in yourself in how you carry yourself in the world. Be willing to get feedback, and trust in your relationship with yourself and with others. One resource I go back to consistently, is the book Attached, by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller. Yes, it’s a book about love and relationships, but it truly solidified my understanding of my own behaviours and my triggers. I hope it makes you feel wholehearted!

The slightest bit of resistance will derail you

Procrastination is one of those perpetual acts that can really hurt any movement towards your goals and missions. Although it sounds irresponsible, in most cases when I decide to act vs. overthink, it drives me to learn and gain momentum. If you find yourself in analysis paralysis, remember that the first step is typically the hardest. You can do this.

That’s it. The first piece of anything that I’ve written on the internet in six months. I hope it adds value to your life, and that it gives you a gentle nudge and reminder that it’s okay to slow down, let things simmer, and live in the moment.

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