For this past Valentine’s Day, Miss Chik and myself had the absolute pleasure of attending a guided scotch and chocolate tasting hosted by the lovely people over at Praxis PR on behalf of The Macallan Single Malt Scotch (perhaps the best in the world) and Yorkville boutique chocolate resto, MoRoCo Chocolat.

What could be more decadent? Very little.

Guided by Macallan brand ambassador Marc Laverdiere and one of MoRoCo’s chocolate enthusiasts, the tasting consisted of four of the Macallan’s best offerings, and chocolate from MoRoCo’s extensive, delicious lineup. Dried figs, grapes, and fresh chocolate wafers adorned the tables, and did double duty as both eye candy and palate cleansers in between each tasting.

I am a total advocate of tastings of any sort and believe they are a MUST for foodies and anyone who has any interest in discovering the little things that allow you a pinkies-up-pass. Scotch, wine, chocolate, cheese: bring it on.

Needless to say, it was a good time.

The Pairings:

Tasting Experience No. 1

The Macallan Fine Oak 15 Years Old

A stunningly elegant dram that is the perfect companion to a light, delicate white chocolate. Its colour is rich straw. The nose is sublime and full, with a hint of cinnamon and rose with vanilla leading the way. The palate offers intense rich chocolate notes with a hint of orange and raisin. The finish is lingering with notes of chocolate, orange and dried fruit.

Paired with:

Geisha Truffle

White Chocolate truffle. No cocoa nibs, all cocoa butter and milk infused with Matcha Green Tea. Visually stunning with the white chocolate and colourful pattern, the combination of high milk and cream together with the subtle notes of the Matcha Green Tea Leaves complement the flavour of the cocoa butter that’s used with this particular kind of chocolate.

Tasting Experience No. 2

The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old

A classic full-bodied whisky that is an excellent complement to exotic or spicy chocolate. Its colour is rich and amber. The nose develops around toffee-nougat, with a hint of ginger, dried fruit, sherry sweetness and wood smoke. The palate is deliciously smooth with rich dried fruit and sherry, balanced with wood smoke and spice. The finish is sweet toffee and dried fruit, wood smoke and spice.

Paired with:

Chili Truffle (my favourite!)

62% dark chocolate truffle, more concentration of cocoa nibs and less milk ganache infused with red chili flakes and 35% cream.

This dark chocolate ganache is infused with a small amount of red chili flakes helping expand the gustatory glands in the tongue and also open up the nostrils to further appreciate the flavour of the Cocao in this particular chocolate.

Tasting Experience No. 3

The Macallan Sherry Oak 18 years Old

Sumptuous, smooth and elegant, to be paired with balanced, exquisite chocolate. The colour is light mahogany. The nose set of dried fruit and ginger with vanilla, cinnamon and a hint of citrus. The palate is rich dried fruit with spice, clove, orange, and distant wood smoke. Its finish is full and lingering, with dried fruit, sweet toffee, ginger.

Paired with:

C4 Truffle

72% dark chocolate shell dusted with cocoa powder, with the inside composed of a sea salt caramel infused with a touch of vanilla and butter.

This is our darkest chocolate truffle and combines the best of both with a dark chocolate hard couverture and a liquid centre full of caramel that has been enhanced with a touch of vanilla and the slightest hint of Fleur de Sel to bring the most out of both flavours.

Tasting Experience No. 4

The Macallan Cask Strength

A daring spirit, absolutely spot on with intense dark chocolate: What a sublime pairing (described as the ladies’ choice).

Its colour is of red mahogany. The nose id dried fruits with dark chocolate, orange, vanilla and wood spice. The palate is rich and smooth, with vanilla and a hint of wood smoke. The finish is full, lingering, with dried fruits and spice.

Paired with:


70% dark chocolate couverture, dark chocolate ganache (70% as well) mixed with 35% cream

This is the most decadent of all of MoRoCo’s Truffles, as both couverture and ganache are made solely out of 70% dark chocolate. The ganache mixed with the cream helps reduce the bitterness of such chocolate, but it’s composed so that its texture and flavour is not compromised by other flavours.

For more information on The Macallan Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, visit

MoRoCo Chocolat is located at 99 Yorkville Ave. in Toronto.

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