Had the most wonderful time at the TDotTV lounge for TIFF12, courtesy of my very fave video maven Justin Edmead. The vibe in the suite from the get go is warm and friendly, being hosted at the Bata Shoe Museum on Bloor (in a mysterious room that I never knew exist, no less).

You’re welcomed by We Bake In Heels, with a tower of delights that’s sinful to look at. Shimmy over to the Doll Bar booth where they’re casually handing out bangs, decked out in baby pink, and more than happy to attach a microclip or fusion (your choice) bright hair extension (I chose maroon – love it and will be wearing that out for all of eternity…or a few weeks). I had the clip bangs thinned by my lovely hair dresser Kelly from Vescada, later in the week. More on that visit later.

Cheeky Monkey had me guffaw unattractively at their hilarious names for nail polishes. Formaldehyde Free, 3 free, and available in absolutely countless shades. I got the…”Get Wet” (hmm) shade, and they graciously helped me buff off the Gelicure nails I had done (it was…really nearing the end of its life cycle).

Loved the Lazy Pants that I received – a bright blue that had me wanting to lounge all over the place. Top off the visit with CANFAR education and Prairie Organic Vodka sips.

Thanks so much for having me TDotTV, your suite was intimate, interactive, and more than lovely to see. Happy #TIFF12 😉

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  1. Looks like a blast! Those lazy pants look comfy…..

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