Four friends from Ryerson University bonded over a mutual love for travel, new experiences, and spontaneous spirit make up the 4 piece travel team MissAdventures, a fun unscripted reality web series about their trips around the world! I had the chance to catch-up with Ellie, Steph, Hannah, and Kat over a coffee on a chilly day to learn more about their MissAdventures.

Abby: Hey guys, thanks you so much for meeting with me. I love checking out your videos on youtube and I can tell you have all had a fun time filming and traveling. It’s nice to catalogue your own experiences for your own memories, as well as to share them with others. Tell me what you wanted to accomplish with MissAdventures?

Ellie: we’ve all individually traveled and we wanted and opportunity to showcase our personalities, as well as a fun new way to travel. We like to be spontaneous, we like to get a real experience. It’s a very laissez faire style of travel.

Steph: we’ve all travelled a lot individually, and MissAdventures really grew out of our love for unplanned trips! For example, we all booked a trip to Vancouver for the Olympics last minute because we thought it would be a great experience. That was the first time we started documenting our travel experiences and we loved it. It’s about being fun, spontaneous, and adventurous!

Kat: We also wanted to encourage travel and to show girls that travel is accessible. You don’t need a lot of money, you can create your own unique cultural experience. We wanted to show that there is more to travel than just all-inclusive getaways.

A: How did you guys form your foursome? Finding compatible travel buddies is always a very difficult task!
S: Yeah. Our first trip as a unit was in Vancouver. We just had the right dynamic right off the bat. We were compatible! We’re all the kind of people who make the most of everything.
E: We like to socialize, live-up and live-in every moment.
K: Plus, people saw our videos posted of our Vancouver experience and it became a catalyst for the show! We knew people liked our dynamic as well.

A: You all mentioned that you’ve all done a lot of travel individually. What is your favourite place you’ve been?
K: El Nino. It is an island in the philipines. It is just stunning. Looks kinda like a “Lord of the Rings” limestone opening beach. There are the most beautiful beaches, you can go island hopping, and I spent my time there in a rented cottage. it was beautiful.
E: Moroco was my favourite. It was a crazy experience. Totally mixed emotions about the trip, but it was one of the most difficult, but funny moments. We travelled and slept in the desert in Moroco. I was a shocking experience. But it’s something I look back on, and really appreciate.
H: Tel aviv, Israel I also loved Jeriusalum. It was amazing. The history, the food, the party-scene. Everything was just amazing. It was a wonderful experience.
S: My favourite trip would have to be Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand for the full moon party. It was such a ridiculous night of partying and I don’t know how I made it through. *haha.

A: Yeah. I’ve been to Thailand and I know what you’re talking about! With MissAdventures, you make note that you don’t advise people to travel like you do, but rather show them that there are different more easy-going ways to travel. But with all your experience, do you have any advice?
K: Don’t buy malaria pills if you are going to South East Asia. You won’t need them and they give you hallucinations!
H: People always say don’t travel. It costs a lot of money! But there are options.
S: Exactly. You don’t need 5-star hotels. It’s always possible if you are pasisonate and want to go!
E: People are always terrified of hostels! Maybe it’s cause of the movie…but it’s safe, and it’s fun!
S: A lot of the times we get some of the best ideas, tips and fun things to check out through the people we meet at hostels. You get to hear first hand what works, doesn’t work and what might be fun to try out.
E: You can always be “open” and still safe! Use your judgement. Push yourself to try something new.
H: It’s all about finding some “good scary” things to do. Something that challenges you and scares you in a good way.
S: Our show is not about telling people what they should do. We just want to show everyone that sometimes leaving things unplanned can be really fun!

A: Your videos give a great view into how you like to travel and what your personalities are like!
E: Yeah. We want to show that you don’t have to be a glamorous traveller and you don’t even have to clone our travel experience. We want to be entertaining and we want to inspire people to pick up and check out the world too.
A: So what’s next for MissAdventures?
E: Wherever the flights are the cheapest! We’ll do something last minute, and probably unplanned.
S: I hope somewhere in South East Asia!
H: World domination would be my answer. *haha

A: Well, I can’t wait to see your map continue to fill up, along with your passports! Continue to have safe travels!!
All: Thanks! We had a fun time.

For more on MissAdventures and to check out their videos, find them here! You envious and checking out Expedia for travel deals yet? I know I am!

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  1. Cool idea girls….I love traveling without a plan. More people should do it!

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