I totally learned this on The Real Housewives of Vancouver, in a very awkward moment between Ronnie and Robin during a lunch at Robin’s home. So Ronnie straight out dipped her fingers in the olive oil on the table (intended for dipping bread, obvi), and rubbed it into the skin on her legs and arms.

Of course, my initial reaction mirrored Robin’s – WTF?!?! Then, I had an aha! moment. Ronnie, you genius, olive oil is Mother Nature’s moisturizer! So I did what any girl would do….I ran to my kitchen and tried it for myself. My skin is particularly dry and cracked in the winter (I don’t nearly moisturize enough), and the olive oil nursed my skin back to silkiness in moments. Plus, it’s all natural!

I don’t recommend doing this at a restaurant or at a friend’s house over lunch, but when you’re in a pinch, or your skin cold use a quick pick-me-up, dip into your kitchen stock of olive oil or keep a small bottle in your bathroom – and if you’re not into the smell of olive oil, add a couple of drops of vanilla extract or keep some of your favourite herb leaves in the bottle to brighten up the scent 🙂

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