Everyone has their peeve when it comes to life on the go – the entire process is somehow an uncertain science. As prepared as you are, there are always wrenches thrown into your plans, and things that happen that are completely outside of your control. Here are just a few pet peeves that we encounter when traveling, and some solutions to keep handy:


Ah, the dreaded D word. Delays, cancellations, flight changes…gate changes. These are all irritating and constant, but there’s a way to stay on top of them. Be sure to check your flight either via Google or your airline’s app to see if anything has happened on the runway. Or, set up alerts to text and notify you before you’re sitting agitated at the gate. Bring a good companion like a book to keep you distracted as your time at the airport trickles forward.

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Customs, check in, baggage drop…all of these things have long lines in common. If you’re a frequent traveler, opt for programs like Nexus, Global Entry, and TSA Pre-check. They require some planning and a formal application, but so incredibly worth it when it comes to a time saving perspective.

Lost Luggage / Damaged Luggage

Keep calm, pack on. Lost or damaged luggage is no joke – you feel bare without all of your essentials whether you’re landing somewhere new or returned home. It’s annoying, it’s a hassle, and it happens a lot. To save for a lot of stress, I try to include a piece of paper inside my luggage or on my bag that state what my address and contact information is. When at the airport, the first step is to keep calm, and report it to your airline baggage desk. Usually they’ll give you a notice and sometimes, if they’re nice enough, a reimbursement.

Damaged luggage is another annoyance – I’ve had everything from shattered luggage to handles not working. Sometimes they’ll offer a repair service, or other times they’ll provide a reimbursement to cover the cost of a new bag. Try your best to carry on only travel when you can!


This one is one of my personal worsts, packing the right toiletries in the right quantities is always a nuisance. I find myself often defaulting to random products I wouldn’t normally use, because of space saving purposes. Find yourself a set of good, reliable squeezie bottles and organize your life.

There are so many little things that can happen along the way – stay sharp, prepped, and always with a good spirit in mind! See you out there.

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