It’s the weekend, you’ve got your friends waiting in the car and you’ve procrastinated on throwing together the perfect duffle bag full of essentials. Don’t stress, remain calm, and whatever you do, don’t get out the carry on luggage. You’ve got this.

Travel has been of the essence this last year, when having more flexibility with my time. It’s not unusual to go to Cleveland on a whim, or Halifax for two nights. So, here are a few ways that you can anticipate that next quick trip, with all the right things in your duffle / weekender.

Travel Size Everything

Whether you’re going on a road trip or hopping on a plane, you’ll want to make sure that everything you bring is travel sized. One of my least favorite feelings is packing whatever is small, and not enjoying my usual products while out and about in another city. Purchase travel sized containers or get your favorite shampoo / conditioner / moisturizers / whatever in a smaller size, and have them on hand in a great toiletry travel bag. Size everything for airplane portions, and you’ve got a great grab and go toolkit for those last minute adventures.

Reuse, Reuse

It’s okay to recycling clothing. That’s what it’s meant for. There are a lot of ways to rewear flannel shirts (around the waist, on you), white shirts, and blue jeans. Don’t be embarrassed, you’ll find a lot of ways to be creative when you give yourself limitations.

You don’t need that Full Sized Dryer…or those heels…or that huge flat iron.

Consolidate what you need. If it’s skipping the blowdryer because the hotel has one, great. If you can survive on a mini flat iron because it straightens and you know how to curl with it…then do that. But whatever you do, don’t just pack things for the sake of “I might need that”. You can do without it, especially if it means more time for adventure.

Pack for the Climate

Even though your destination is nearby, it might still have a different climate. Pack a lightweight rain jacket if you need, or shoes that won’t sop up moisture if you know it’ll be an issue. Check the weather first before you get your weekender together (not that you’ll necessarily want to go to a rainy part of town).


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