We started a new business.

It’s been a big year. 2020 to 2021 has provided us the time and space to rethink how we spend our valuable energy. Over the local lockdowns and quarantines I felt a yearning to create. Drawing, writing, and creating all for myself has been a joy that never would have come along without a global pandemic. I never knew that this would be something I would share with anyone else…until TYNT STUDIO came along.

Rashel and I (and shout out to Fahima) started with a spark of an idea. The saying that we should “Channel Our Inner Middle Aged White Man” to walk through life and career challenges. I’ve worked in banking, startups, launched The Flight Pack and have been a freelance hustler for a pretty long time and on reflection, a few themes came up.

Why it Matters.

The most toxic experiences came from privileged people. Being told smugly that my ideas didn’t matter, weren’t good enough, or destined to fail was a pretty regular experience. This isn’t to earn your sympathy or hope for ally ship. I share this because it’s fact, and continues to happen no matter how many hundreds of projects I’ve delivered on with ROGUE STORIES agency, or how many times I’ve had to take monetary hits just from sheer drain of energy. Women of color need a platform and a voice, and deserve to be heard.

I recognize my privilege in being born in North America, having lighter skin, and less traditionally Chinese attributes like my name + my height. So, I know I’m lucky to be able to be more outspoken because of 2020’s shift in people’s behaviors.

The Changes.

We got pretty tired of being those ‘angry POCs’ and decided to do what we do best. Add sarcasm, a dash of Scarborough humor, and the matter of factness and honesty that I think all art needs. Creating TYNT STUDIO is to make women of color feel seen, heard, and represented. It’s been fcking FUN and this makes me feel joy to create something so that completes my life.

photo by @aka.sed

Sending love + hurt-your-stomach laughter.
– gloria
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