It’s perfectly okay to take a break. In fact, it’s perfectly encouraged to take a break. As I creep into my mid-third decade, I’m in deep realization that we reward depleting our resources in the search of “accomplishment”. We burn time, energy, and self medicate with money and spend in hopes to hit milestones.

Image by Vai Yu Law

But what if we were just quicker to resolve that we’re depleted millennials / zillennials / gen y-ers that need a break? Ones that have been working since time and could really use a moment of zero planning, zero agenda, and lots of self consoling? Doesn’t seem so irrational to ask.

You’ll save yourself from wasting time and spending time not being who you’d strive to be. It hurts to delve into the waste land of your life when you have free time but hey, isn’t that the human experience?

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